A place to call home

Are you ready to fall in love with a home? I have one that is so charming and is nestled in a quiet well established area of the Redlands. Imagine loving your childhood home so much that you turn around and buy it from your parents! That’s exactly the sweet story behind this lovely home. The owners have such sweet memories of not only their childhood here but also built new ones here as adults. They recall summer nights of sleeping under the stars on the trampoline and listening to the rustling of the trees around them. They were friends with all the kids in the neighborhood and those children grew into lifetime friends. “It’s truly the best and would stay if we could.”
Tell me that’s not the sweetest thing. I could tell you all the amazing things about this house, like how it’s updated throughout with fresh paint and flooring, that is modern yet cozy and how it has a large open backyard perfect for summertime bbqs but it’s the heart of this home and sweet neighborhood that will really win you over. Now it’s time to make your own memories here with friends that will last a lifetime. Come and see it for yourself on Saturday during our OPEN HOUSE from 2-5pm.
310 Vista Grande.png

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