Copy of Copy of Friday (1)

I can’t believe that summer is wrapping up and we are heading back into yet another school year.  It’s always bitter sweet at my house.  We love to spend time together and summer is always a super happy time.  School is also exciting because it’s a new year with new beginnings and the anticipation of what’s to come is pretty fun too.  I find that fun school supplies, yummy lunch and a great outfit help to make that first day just a little easier on all of us. Here are some of our BACK TO SCHOOL Friday Favorites.



LUNCH – If you’re anything like me, you really  need some new ideas for lunch.  I seem to always start the year off good with lots of oooohs and aaahhhhs from my kids but trail off into the world of the boring sandwhich about mid year.  Here are some great ideas to get you going from Vicky Barone.  Check them out!



How fun would it be to make bookmarks with your kids that not only show their personality but inspire them or uplift them during quite reading times in school.  It might just be the thing that picks them up and reminds them of all that you’ve built into them over the years.  It’s kinda like the new “lunch note”.  I am definitely going to give this a try.  Check out the tutorial from Tater Tots and Jello.

Is this something your kids would enjoy? I think it would be fun for boys or girls, grade school all the way to high school.  Heck I want to make myself a few.  You could add encouraging quotes or even your favorite scriptures.




So most people think of teacher gifts at the end of the year… but what about a first week of school gift?  What a nice way to show your child’s teacher that you are thinking about them and appreciate them by a cute and cleaver gift.  This one is easy and so cleaver.  Check out the EOS teacher gift tutorial from The Suburban Mom.


I’m all over the top excited about this Sadie Robertson line of school supplies.  This is the coolest line I have ever seen, by far.  What a good example she is to teen girls around the world!  I will be ordering these asap for my daughter. You can order yours on   Use Code THANKYOU in the check out for 25%off


All of us at The Maves Group are praying for a great 2016-2017 school year filled with great new friends, inspiration and load of happiness.  Enjoy your last days of summer and pour into them everything you possibly can… they spread their wings when you blink.

-Jillian, The Maves Group


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