1. CLEAN IT and then CLEAN IT some more!

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.  And trust me the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Even if you’re not a cook, the next owner might be.  They want to be able to imagine themselves cooking up a Food Network quality meal and serving it to their ever thankful family.  They want to picture holidays with lots of people crowding in and around all the aromas.  They want to picture long talks over coffee with their children or spouse.  See how important the kitchen is now?

So where do we begin? Scrub everything!  Wipe out the drawers.  Polish your sink and get in all tiny grooves to make it look as new as possible.  Use a non-scratch cleaner like Soft Scrub to really make it sparkle. Make your oven and stove shine. Wipe your cabinets – they do get greasy and dirty. If you have stainless appliances, be sure they’re polished and have no fingerprints.  Make sure the garbage is removed and there’s no lingering odors.  A good tip is to cut up a lemon and run it through the garbage disposal prior to showing.  Makes it smell fresh and clean.   Make sure you’ve run the dishwasher and it’s empty.  No one wants to look in the dishwasher and see dirty dishes.  Wipe down and clean out the refrigerator while you’re at it.  If you have tile counters, make sure the grout it clean. You can easily touch up grout with a grout pen or sprinkle baking soda on it, spray with white vinegar and scrub with a brush.  It cleans really well! Make sure your floor is super clean! Remove excess rugs.  Limit your floors to one rug.


Don’t neglect the inside of your cupboards and drawers. If they’re chock full of stuff you’re sending a message to the buyer you don’t have enough storage space. Definitely not a good thing!   Start packing up all the items you won’t need on a daily basis. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to organize the pantry.  Make those shelves look like grocery store shelves! Toss random items into baskets or bins to make it look more tidy and organized.


Decluttering is probably one of the hardest aspects of staging for sellers. It’s hard to put away all the “stuff” you’re so use to seeing on a daily basis and that you use on a daily basis. But my thought is, I’d rather get my toaster out each time I use it and have a SOLD sign in my front yard!  Pack away cute collectable items, magnets, calendars, silk plants, and countertop appliances. If you’re gonna leave one appliance out choose your favorite -for most people that’s the coffee pot. Hee hee.

The easiest way to start the process  of decluttering is to completely clear off your counters, then only put back a few decorative items to fill in and soften the corners or a long expanse of countertop.



Once you’ve decluttered, begin to decorate like a decorator.  Not sure how to do that?  Don’t think about what you like personally, think about what makes it most appealing to a buyer.  Add just enough decor to make the room come alive but not overwhelm it.  When they see neat and tidy with trendy little touches here and there it makes them think about it staying that way when they live there or gives them ideas on how they could add to it. And our favorite… FRESH FLOWERS.  There’s never been a better reason to buy yourself flowers than to help sell your home. There – we helped you justify the splurge.  Make sure if you do this that they are changed out weekly and always look fresh, with clean water for showings.


A fresh coat of paint in the kitchen is a quick and easy way to refresh the space.  Again, think about colors a buyer would enjoy.  Just because you love bright blue doesn’t mean a buyer will.  Think neutral tones that are light and bring a brightness to the room. Also, consider replacing outdated light fixtures, old kitchen faucets and cabinet hardware.

So there you have it, our Top 5 Tips for Staging Your Kitchen to Sell.  Try these tips out whether your staging your home to sell or just need a little organization and freshness in your home.


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