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If there was going to be one room in the house that we would suggest really investing some thought and planning into, it’s the bedroom. Over a lifetime you’ll spend 227,468 hours tucked up in bed and sound asleep, says the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. WOW! That’s worth some effort right?  And these days many of us spend even more time in our rooms now that we have televisions in there too!  The room pictured above is Jillian’s, our Production Assistant.  She takes some serious pride in making it her own little oasis.  It’s still a work in progress but it’s on the way.  Jillian suggests the following….

“Take your time to really make the space your own.  If you are married, think about styles and color schemes you would both enjoy. If you are single, make this place ALL YOU!   There’s nothing wrong with going out and splurging on all the little things to make the room just right, but there really is something lovely to choosing each item little by little and growing it into something spectacular.  Think texture when you’re doing this room.  It sparks the imagination and also makes you feel super cozy all at the same time – which is important for me because I have a job that requires imagination and creativity.  It’s kind of my ‘re-charging’ station.”  I find that the bedroom works best in neutrals because it brings on a relaxation effect.  You can always have a pop of color with a throw pillow, rug or accent wall but I mostly prefer to save those for other rooms like the living room or kitchen.”

Jillian said, if she was to go shopping today to design a cozy bedroom for someone, these are the items she would start with… HAPPY SHOPPING!


Start with a very neutral comforter.  I prefer a cream or white but if you’re afraid of it getting dirty too quickly than think grey or taupe.  Many people start with bold patterns here but I find adding the personality in other areas makes for a more appealing room. Check out this one from Urban Outfitters


Next think throw pillows.  This is where we start thinking pops of color and texture. You can get as crazy as you want here, but we are gonna stick with that neutral for the sake of the cozy feel.  Click here to purchase…. Cable Knit, Fuzzy WuzzyVelvet,  Dyed Oversized.


Adding in an accent lamp can really add dimension to a room as well.  Tall, General Store Lamp, Luke Table Lamp, Gumball floor lamp.


A rug is especially important if you have hardwood floors.  Again it brings warmth and texture to a room.  I’m a huge fan of shag but if you’re already doing that texture with pillows or throws, stick to something with a simple texture or one in between like this tufted one.


THROWS-  A good throw is probably my favorite piece to a room.  Let this be the item you splurge on because it’s comforting and can easily go from bedroom to living room or snuggled around you as you grab a cup of joe in the morning.  Here’s my absolute favorite from, you guessed it, Urban Outfitters.


ART – This is where your own personal touch really comes in.  I like something like this that is unique and simple.  And guess what? They are $9 on etsy!  Check it out


We hope this gave you some inspiration to make your own cozy bedroom. And don’t forget to take your time and really make this room your own!



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