Take a Hike – Friday FAVORITES

As the weather gets warmer, Grand Valley residents and visitors take to the hills and we can’t blame them.  Here are our 3 top favorite Grand Valley Hikes!  Let us know your favorite trails to adventure and watch for them to possibly featured this spring!

Sunset chaser (1).png


  1.  Mount Garfield – We’re starting off with the best in our opinion! If you have not hiked Mt. Garfield yet, you need to wait for a warm day and do it!  It’s a challenging hike for sure, with a very steep incline at the start.  This hike is VERY challenging and VERY rewarding! The view is most definitely your reward for the miles you climb.  And don’t forget to watch for the wild mustangs.   3.6 miles, located near Palisade. 

    Mount Garfield
  2. Devils Kitchen –   This trailhead is easily accessible from the Colorado National Monuments west entrance and full of beautiful scenery. Within the tall rocks is a “natural rock room” where you can stand surrounded. It’s quite an experience. And there are always the infamous LEMON SQUEEZERS close by if you dare.  1.2 miles, South End of the Colorado National Monument

    Devils Kitchen
  3. Liberty Cap – Liberty Cap is a 160 million year old remnant sand dune that is slowly succumbing to the forces of nature. It’s only about 50 feet high and only one of seemingly countless rock outcrops in the monument. It’s prominently visible from many points in the area and it is one of the many formations that drew the attention of John Otto, who led the way to make the area a National Park. Even still, it bears his mark. 4 miles, Wildwood Trailhead

    Liberty Cap

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