Creative Ways to Save for Vacation

After posing a question to our Facebook friends if they preferred SNOW or SUN, we had an overwhelming response of straight up – B E A C H!  I guess the mountain folk have spoken… we love the ocean and sunshine!  Are you dreaming of your next (or first) trip to the surf and sun?  Check out these tips to help you achieve that goal!

beach-healing.jpg1. Open a Dedicated Savings Account

Ready, set, GO! If you are serious about planning that dream trip than put your money where you mouth is…  It’s much easier to achieve your  travel goals if you do it directly and methodically, rather than out of whatever is in your bank account when your travel date comes around.  Open a dedicated savings account.  This keeps you from mingling your regular accounts with your “trip money,” guaranteeing that the money you set aside for the trip is the money you actually spend. Using a single, dedicated account will also help you keep on budget during your trip, as the easiest way to know how much you are spending is to track the balance of your dedicated travel account. You can keep an eye on your balance as your trip progresses, and track the true cost of your trip without too much effort.

2. Set Up Automatic Transfers

Once you have a dedicated travel savings account set up, you have to fund it. Consider setting up an automatic transfer at a regular interval to do it for you. This is easy to set up and can really add up over time. A transfer of $20/week ($2.86/day) adds up to nearly $1040 by the end of a year. Look into package deals, and you can sometimes take a whole vacation for not much more than that. If you’ve set up a recurring direct deposit for your paycheck, often you can work with your employer to have your deposits split among multiple accounts.

3. The Trusty Change Jar

We’ve all seen “the change jar”  – either our parents had one when we were kids or we already have one of our own.  It’s pretty much the grown up piggy bank.  When I was a kid my parents would save change for the whole year until it was vacation time. You can accumulate a lot more than you think by this old school trick.  It only takes $1.37/day to end up saving $500 in a year. If you empty your pockets/purse everyday into the grown up piggy bank, the silver adds up fast.

4. GET RID OF IT…Directly into a Travel Fund

Sometimes we need motivation to have that garage sale, ebay those items etc. Everyone has these items sitting around and they just need the motivation to get it done.  How about jumping on that task and then putting all the proceeds directly into your travel account?


5. Cut the coffee – Love your Starbucks? Well, Starbucks loves your money. Coffee is a daily expense that quietly drains your bank account without you ever noticing. The daily $5 coffee costs you $150 per month. That’s $1,800 per year! What’s more important: your daily cup of joe or spending more time on the beaches? Give up the brew drive-through on a daily basis and picture yourself living the good life on the beach for a week.

6. Get your cook on! – We all like to go out to a restaurant, but you can save so much money by cutting your eating out down to two times per week. Plan your meals in advance to make grocery shopping quick and easy and then you can also take the leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, saving even more. Cooking can also be a lot of fun.  If you have children, you can get them involved and make memories.  Need a change up for date night? Cook a fun and creative meal at home together!

7. Get a new credit card – A travel credit card can give you free money, free rooms, or free flights. After accruing miles and rewards points with your card on everyday purchases, you can redeem them for free travel on your trip. Travel credit cards are a big weapon in a traveler’s arsenal. Most times you’ll even earn huge sign-up bonus when you get a new card. When used properly, these cards generate free money. Start early. As soon as you decide to travel the world, get a travel-related credit card and begin earning points on your daily purchases.

beach-wallpaper-4.jpgWant more great tips? Check out this great article by


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