Housing at Colorado Mesa University


It’s getting close to that time of year, thousands of students with parents in tow descend upon our town with one mission… finding housing. “For Rent” signs are popping up all around the downtown area. Call fast or they are gone.

Parents, there is another, much better, option!

Let’s pretend your student enrolled at CMU fall of 2013, rather than renting an apartment or paying for student housing you decided to buy a house close to the college. This way your student would have a place to live, you could charge their friends rent (that would more than cover your monthly payment) and when they graduated this year you get to decide if you want to sell it or continue to hold onto it as an investment.

In 2013 the average price of a house in Downtown Grand Junction was $144,695. In June of this year the average price of that same house was $185,302! That means in the time your student was attending college you would have made approx. $41,000 on your “student housing” investment!

Now is the time to begin your investment home search! Inventory is low. You still have time to close before their first day of classes!

Give us a call today to start the process! 970.414.0956


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