This weeks Friday Favorites are some of our most loved West Slope activities for this time of year. Check out the printable below to see what is coming to the Grand Valley and beyond this fall.



A place to call home

Are you ready to fall in love with a home? I have one that is so charming and is nestled in a quiet well established area of the Redlands. Imagine loving your childhood home so much that you turn around and buy it from your parents! That’s exactly the sweet story behind this lovely home. The owners have such sweet memories of not only their childhood here but also built new ones here as adults. They recall summer nights of sleeping under the stars on the trampoline and listening to the rustling of the trees around them. They were friends with all the kids in the neighborhood and those children grew into lifetime friends. “It’s truly the best and would stay if we could.”
Tell me that’s not the sweetest thing. I could tell you all the amazing things about this house, like how it’s updated throughout with fresh paint and flooring, that is modern yet cozy and how it has a large open backyard perfect for summertime bbqs but it’s the heart of this home and sweet neighborhood that will really win you over. Now it’s time to make your own memories here with friends that will last a lifetime. Come and see it for yourself on Saturday during our OPEN HOUSE from 2-5pm.
310 Vista Grande.png

friday favorites

Welcome to our first edition of Friday Favorites! We consider ourselves a trendy group of gals and we not only like to keep up with what’s hot but also like to set the trends ourselves. Keep watching for more Friday Favorites if you’d like to see what we recommend in the areas of food, decor, fashion, hometown life, entertaining and more!


Matcha Tea – Ahhhh what can you say about Matcha besides, YUM?!  Okay well I guess you could say a few things besides yum, but trust me, if you have one you’re gonna start craving another.  The gals make fun of me because I think it has a sorta fish tank flavor… yeah I know that’s totally weird, right? But honestly it’s more like an earthy, sweetness that reminds you of your favorite Japanese restaurant. I can’t get enough of this stuff.  My Dad even bought me some serious ceremonial grade tea with the whisk and cool little matcha bowl to go with it. I’m kinda of obsessed with this stuff.  So besides being super yummy in a totally unique way, what’s the big deal about matcha?

Matcha is a finely milled green tea and has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies since the 12th century.  It has surged in popularity recently due to its visual appeal, health benefits and beautifully distinct flavor. It’s high in antioxidants, improves memory and concentration, increases energy levels and endurance and also somehow has a calming effect to it too.  How cool is that?  I know that my mornings are extra special when I whisk up some matcha.  If you’d like to give it a try without going through all the hubbub you can always grab a green tea latte at Starbucks – but be aware theirs is yummy, but full of sugar.  All in all it’s a great way to see if you enjoy the unique flavor that everyone is seeking to fill their cup with.  Let us know if you try it and what you think!


Okay I’m seriously swooning over this cute t-shirt representing our sweet side of the mountains.  Who doesn’t love a little state camaraderie? I mean if Texas can be in love with their sweet tea lovin’ state we can be in love with our mountain bike lovin’ side of Colorado right?

This year The Downtown Music Festival has combined with the  Grand Junction Off-Road Mountain biking event to create the biggest downtown event of the year! With 18 bands, 3 stages, a 4-block beer garden, a bike and gear expo, local food trucks and kids activities at 6th and Main! And guess what?  You can get this super cute swag there! Get your #‎WestSlopeBestSlope tee shirt any time between May 20-22 at the Downtown booth which will be located at 5th & Main.
This is Downtown Grand Junction’s biggest event of the year and it all starts tonight!
How cute is this bag? If you hadn’t noticed yet, sea foam is the color of the season.  I should know… I’m about to paint my teenage daughters room this color and that means it’s cool, right? Ahhh, in all seriousness this tote is great because there are FIVE different ways to wear it, it’s functional so you can fit half your life in it (cuz we all do) and the color will compliment many different outfits and your soon to be summer tanned self. This tote goes from weekdays to weekend easily. It has a secure slide-through closure, it features a matching pouch (that doubles as a clutch!) and functional cross-body strap (that can be worn 4 ways!) It’s also available several fresh colors for spring/summer.  You can get it here…
I don’t know about you but my house as a child always had fresh potted plants.  My mom was able to make them thrive and it always gave the house a clean and fresh appeal with a beautiful splash of color.  Cue the 90’s and everybody seemed to gravitate towards silk plants.  -ick. Now I probably should also lean towards silk as well since I don’t totally have a green thumb but I’m all about learning new things so about a month ago I went out and bought 4 plants and 2 big outdoor planters full of flowers.  As of now they are all thriving!  I can feel my thumb getting greener!  Check out the great article from to improve your skills with house plants so that you too can bring some life and color to your home.

blog author: Jillian Gallegos
Production Assistant
Maves Group

For the Love of a Building

I never knew it was possible to love a building. I grew up in Grand Junction, my parents attended First Presbyterian Church. Built in 1928 it was a landmark building in the Grand Valley. Here she is in her heyday. 

(photo from

As a kid I can remember walking in through the front steps every Sunday. To the left of the doors was a beautiful old wooden pew. Above the pew just a sample of the stunning stained glass that was featured throughout the iconic building. Most Sundays our family would sit in the balcony. We sat on what can only be described as the most uncomfortable wood theater seats imaginable. I loved those seats. If you picked the right one you could move your legs up and down through service and listen to it squeak. From the balcony you could look to the left as the light streamed through the many panes of stained glass. Below you could watch the other church kids coloring on bulletins or maybe even in the hymnals or bibles in the pew backs. To the right was the most wonderful pipe organ. Again, not something you appreciate until you get older. The notes that came out of those big pipes were simply beautiful. As a musical sort of kid it was always a special treat when the Harpsichord was played! Many Sundays I sat in those squeaky wood seats, listened to the Organist and tried my best to stay awake through the sermons. 

Now after the service was when the real fun began. My dad was very involved in the church. From the bell choir to being a deacon we were the church family. As he was doing his deaconly duties my sisters and I along with the other “church kids” went exploring. Do you see the dome on the top of the building. If you knew where you were going you could go through the back rooms, up a rickety roped off set of stairs all the way to the top of the dome. It was AMAZING! There were many, many rooms in that building that I went in that I’m fairly confident we definitely weren’t supposed to be in! 

Eventually the Presbyterian Church built a shiny new building with no secret rooms or hidden stairways, no creaky wooden theater seats. The grand dame became a wedding and event hall and finally ended up sitting vacant. No pitter patter of little patent leather shoes running through the halls, no pipe organ filling the sanctuary with divine songs. 

In August 2011 my then fiance, now husband and I were having engagement pictures taken and much to my surprise the photographer suggested White Hall! My old stomping grounds! 

Thank God we did it, just a month later on September 15, 2011 she went up in flames. Devastating flames. 

 (photo courtesy of The Daily Sentinel)
Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. 

Again, she sat empty, half burned, chain link fence surrounding the lot. About 2 years after the fire they demolished the sanctuary part of the building. And there she continued to sit until this past week when the demolished the rest of the building. 

I received an email this morning from a photographer that took a final picture of her just before the finished demolition. I found beauty in the broken stained glass, the different levels of doors and windows smiling at the memories of running through the halls. Even the graffiti brings beauty to the picture. The old radiator that is in the middle of the picture is so cool! It made me smile and it actually made me cry. 

As a real estate agent with a heart for infill development projects I look forward to the next phase of life for the 600 block of White Avenue. 

As for the grand dame… she will be missed. My memories of her are held dear. 

Innovation vs. Marketing in Real Estate

I recently ran across this article on

As a real estate professional I am constantly balancing my innovative ideas with marketing and how my branding and marketing can go hand in hand. Having a marketing background it is easy for me to go over the top with my marketing ideas. However, recently I was told one of my “awesome” ideas was not as easy to produce or as cost effective as I had anticipated (aka hoped!). Does that mean I’m not going to do it for my client? No, in fact it drives me even more to make it happen because I truly believe in the power of innovative marketing. To successfully represent your client these days it takes much more than just general real estate contract knowledge. Oh how the times have changed since I was first licensed 12 years ago! 

I’ve thought about the skill set that I use daily for my clients and it looks something like this:

This is very generic and definitely just a snapshot of my business. This varies greatly depending on the specific client and transaction needs. Working with Buyers always requires much more local market knowledge and negotiation skills than marketing and innovation. Listing more unique properties requires much more marketing and innovation. Your property is unique, the marketing should be equally so!

Here is what I recommend when considering hiring a real estate agent. Ask them what they do that is innovative. How will they market your property to SELL it? How do they utilize social media? Ask for specific examples of unique marketing they use. Ask for the most difficult contract they have dealt with recently and how they overcame the issues. Often times it takes innovation to hold a deal together! Ask about their last deal that fell apart. You can always learn a lot about a person from their failures and what they learned from them. How do they plan on dealing with potential appraisal issues? (Yes, there are still appraisal issues. Anybody that tells you otherwise is a liar) 

This quote is from the Forbes article and 100% sums up my philosophy…

“What can I do today to provide my clients with a greater advantage or benefit, to get them closer to the ultimate result they desire?”

Once you have interviewed everybody else, give me a call and let me show you the true power of marketing and innovation! There is a difference, it is tangible and solid!

Kelly Maves 970.589.7775

New Listing – 1337 Windsor Park, Fruita

Presenting 1337 Windsor Park Dr, Fruita, CO

Priced at $220,000 Wonderful energy star rated home in Red Rocks Subdivision. Spacious kitchen, large yard with mature landscaping with rose bushes in front, storage shed included, low maintenance flooring. Walking distance to elementary school, close to downtown Fruita, multiple parks/open space within easy walking distance. Evaporative cooler on programmable thermostat. Call The Maves Group today to see! 970-589-7775

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5 Miles Up Four Mile Creek

There is something about the beginning of the year that is like a breath of fresh air! Other than the bland brown and white that surrounds us outside our front doors I feel like it is the beginning of Spring! Growth awaits! 

One of the things that we decided to do this year as business owners who happen to be married was to escape for 2 days where we could spend a day planning for my 2014 business and a day planning for my husband’s business. 

I made reservations at this great little bed and breakfast in Glenwood Springs called Four Mile Creek B&B (which is exactly 5 miles up Four Mile Rd, which cracked us up). 

Although I wish it would have looked like this while we were there… 

Grand Junction Real Estate Maves Group Maves Construction

 It actually looked more like this…

 which was probably a good thing!

The thing about not wanting to go outside is that it was a recipe for productivity. Not being tempted to go fly fishing or look at wildflowers helped us stay focused. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we definitely made time to focus on our Gastronomy while we were in the area! 


: the art or activity of cooking and eating fine food

Our two favorites were:

The Pullman… out of this world amazing! My husband loved the duck nuggets, me… not so much. But I always love trying fun things! 

Slope & Hatch… although I’m not really sure still where the “Hatch” in the name comes from you can’t go wrong with a Gourmet Hotdog and Taco joint…. yes, tacos and hotdogs at the same place! I had the special which was a Hawaiian Hot Dog which was 12 inches of amazingness covered in pulled pork, bell peppers and pineapple. 

The yummy food only fueled our creativity in our planning. We both left with a clear vision of where we want our businesses (and personal life) to go in the next 12 months and beyond. I highly recommend this to all my business owner friends! Especially those of you married folks who seem so busy doing the business to really focus ON the business. Much like a road trip, you don’t know where you will end up if you don’t plan a way to get there! 

If you are looking to work with somebody who has a clear direction where they want to go give us a call! We will plan accordingly to get your house sold!